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Voor ELLE Magazine vertaalde ik een bestaand Nederlands interview met Margaret Zhang naar het Engels.

The Chinese-Australian photographer Margaret Zhang (25) is the face of the new DKNY Stories perfume. Read about her beauty habits and favorite places in her hometown New York.

Pure Tuberoos is my favorite fragrance ever since I smelled it for the first time, a couple of years ago in Grasse (the French city of perfume, red.). I also love earthy fragrance notes like cardamom and bergamot.

When I was four, my mother and I found a little box full of empty perfume bottles
in our backyard. They were probably from around the twenties.

Wherever I go, I always carry a SPF50 with me. I’m from Australia where it’s super important to use good sun protection. Also, I always bring moisturizing sheet masks with me on the plane, next to a lip balm based on coconut oil or lanoline.

I hope to age just as elegant as my mother did. She never even wore make-up a day in her life. Chinese medicine – and a healthy mindset – teaches you that your skin looks better if your digestion is in order. That’s why at home we always ate varied and balanced meals.

I’m low-maintenance and don’t always wear make-up. I rather focus myself on taking good care of my skin: cleansing, use a face mask on a regular and always wear sun protection. I also sleep on a pillow case made of silk to avoid hair breakage, together with a silk eye mask.

Ever since I went from pitch-black to blond hair, it’s easier for me to experiment with different colors. Even with a color rinse that’s semi permanent. It makes it a bit easier for me to experiment with clothes and make-up. I like to use sharp lines and a tailored look, because colored hair makes me look younger.

I use Snapseed to cover up shades and to adjust the saturation. VSCO is my go-to app for minor color adjustments, like contrast or brightness.

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